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At Truly care services Ltd , our variety of home care services are designed to meet all of your health related needs. As the most trusted home care agency in Nottinghamshire, we care about our clients and are here to make life easier for you and your loved ones. Contact us today and see what we can do for you

Truly Care Services Ltd provides highly experienced and well trained health care practitioners. Our staff are able to provide live in care while you remain in the comfort of your own home.

We want our clients to continue to enjoy life  while feeling a secure, comfortable and remaining independent.


With our live- in, homecare and respite care services our staff would support clients with:

•A personalised care plan

•Personal Care

•Specialist Medical Care

•Dietary and Nutritional needs

•Companionship and Support

•Housekeeping and Other Daily Domestic Tasks including shopping.

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The primary aim of Truly Care Services is to provide a caring person-centred service to young people aged 16 + conforming to the highest standards of professional practice, which is constantly updated and improved in line with the latest experience and research findings. 


Eakring House is intended to provide a warm, friendly and safe environment in which young persons (16+) may, with the assistance of well trained and dedicated staff and other professionals, explore and hopefully come to terms with the underlying reasons for being in care. Eakring House will enable young people to be heard using their preferred methods of communication. It will also ensure that each young person is able to develop their independence at a level and pace that recognises their individual needs.


It is acknowledged that a young person can enter residential care for any number of reasons.  Some young persons will be hardly known to the local authority and there will be a need for a thorough assessment before they can move on to either a fostering or a specialist resource, or where possible, return to their own families.  Others will come because of a breakdown of a previous foster placement, or a prior residential placement.  For some it will be a placement of last resort and the end of a long line of unsuccessful residential and fostering placements.  Each young person will be different and bring with them their own particular histories and needs.  For this reason, Eakring House will ensure it remains flexible enough to adapt to the individual needs of the young person rather than expect the young person to conform to a rigid ethos, however caring or well intentioned.


Some of the complex care conditions/needs we support:



Acquired brain injury 

Spinal injury

Intestinal failure


Chronic lung disease

Total gastrectomy


Neurological disorders

Spinal muscular atroph



Severe epilepsy

Cerebral palsy

Multiple sclerosis

Naso-gastro peg




Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)

Severe learning difficulties

We are able to provide  highly trained and qualified staff  to work in a range of  health care settings including hospital settings.